Puspakom welcomes JPJ move to step up monitoring of its heavy vehicle inspection process at its centres – paultan.org

Following the recent increase in road accidents involving heavy vehicles, Puspakom has welcomed the road transport department’s (JPJ) plans to step up the frequency in monitoring heavy vehicle inspection operations at all its 54 inspection centres nationwide.

In a statement, the vehicle inspection company, which undertakes all mandatory inspections for both commercial and private vehicles in the country, said the move to increase the frequency of monitoring – in addition to its own internal monitoring – would ensure a high level of inspection quality at all times and enable appropriate follow-up action to be carried out in quicker fashion if it was needed.

The company said that in 2021, JPJ carried out 741 monitoring operations at Puspakom inspection centers across the whole country. It added that during the first six months of 2022, it carried out periodic inspection on a total of 270,385 heavy vehicles.

From that total, 15.8% or 42,772 heavy vehicles failed to comply with the standards set by JPJ. These included 12,339 heavy vehicles (or 4.6% of the total) failing the brake efficiency test. It said that any vehicle that fails a test must undergo an inspection again before being licensed by JPJ.

Puspakom also said it would give its full cooperation to the proposal by JPJ to implement several improvements in vehicle inspection procedures, including those concerning brakes and tyres.

Presently, it is adhering to the inspection methods as stipulated under the Rules-Motor Vehicle method (Periodic Inspection, Equipment and Inspection Standards) 1995. It added that it would adjust vehicle inspection methods to those recommended by JPJ when these are determined by the department, with the new process not expected to involve changes to existing inspection equipment.

It added that inspections, which are carried out every six months, are intended as an early preventive measure in reduce the number of unsafe vehicles on the road, and that efforts to review the safety level of heavy vehicles must go hand in hand with other road accident prevention measures such as having drivers adopting a safe driving attitude and for vehicle owners to maintain their vehicles properly.

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