Purchased 2023 MG Hector Plus Facelift: 15 reasons why I shouldn’t have

I really wanted to buy another Kia Seltos GT Diesel (it’s a wonderful car) but due to the long waiting period, we took the delivery of the Hector Plus 6 seater.

BHPian Dcsastudent recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Here is my ownership review of the 2023 MG Hector Plus Facelift 6 seater Petrol AT. The variant is Sharp Pro.

I’m not attaching any photos/videos of the car since they are available aplenty on the net. If anyone wants any specific photos or videos to substantiate what I have written below, I’d be happy to click them for you.

We were looking for a car in this segment, and although I really REALLY wanted to buy another Seltos GT Diesel (It’s a wonderful car), due to waiting times, we took delivery of the Hector Plus on the next day after booking the car (booked on 24th Jan, got delivery on 25th Jan). The reason we didn’t go in for the top variant was that we didn’t want to waste 2L on ADAS – which to me is a gimmick since we already have the XUV700AXL. I have driven the car for 1152 Km till now, and here’s the no holds barred version.

The Positives

The Negatives

All in all, if I could go back a month, I would not buy this car, and I would strongly suggest everyone experience these issues in person before deciding to book/buy the car.

Here’s what BHPian Tanmay_868 had to say about the matter:

I own a 2021 Hector. In my case, if I press the ‘OK’ button the warning disappears both for 80 and 120.

And regarding AC Recirculation I think you have kept your AC on ‘Auto’ mode. Maybe that is the reason.

Here’s what BHPian kadanaJ had to say about the matter:

Some of the points from this list are simply terrifying.

Points 2,5,7,11,12,13,15.

Especially points 7,11,15. Those are enough to make the car quite unsafe.

Here’s what BHPian the.dogfather had to say about the matter:

These are major issues, and I think the gear shift delay would be quite difficult to live with and something not easily fixable.

The high-speed warnings, and rear camera delays might be things that might be fixed later with software updates, but the gear shift delay is a really painful one.

In some AMTs I have noticed a 1-2s delay and even that I feel is too much. It becomes a real pain in 3-point turns and in situations where you are pulling onto the main road from parking.

I cannot understand the reason for this delay here in a CVT. I usually drive a Toyota Corolla Altis CVT and have driven the CVTs by Honda. In both of these, the gear change is immediate from R-D or P.

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