Pre-worshipped car of the week | Buying a Used Jeep Compass

The recent launch of the Compass Facelift reminds us that the SUV has been around for a while. IMHO, it’s the right time to shop around for a used example!

Buying a Used Jeep Compass

The recent launch of the Compass Facelift reminds us that the SUV has been around for a while. IMHO, it’s the right time to shop around for a used example!   

Used Jeep Compass Pros

• Handsome Cherokee-inspired styling & loads of character

• Solid build. Feels very robust, just as a Jeep should

• Powerful 2.0L diesel. Good driveability in the city, fast on the open road

• 1.4L turbo-petrol makes 161 BHP! Offers good performance. Smooth 7-speed AT available

• Capable AWD, unlike some competitors (AWD only on the diesel though)

• Mature suspension setup, nicely-tuned EPS & rock-solid stability

• City-friendly size, higher seating & soft clutch on the MT

• 6 airbags, all-wheel disc brakes and a whole host of electronic aids (including ESP)

• Competent, even by 2021 standards. The driving experience is very premium

• Heat from the brand new Seltos / Creta / Hector is keeping used car prices real. We think used Compasses are well-priced for what they offer

Used Jeep Compass Cons

• Small size for the price! Many cheaper SUVs provide more cabin space. Best for 4 onboard, not 5

• The boot’s cargo capacity is strictly average

• Neither the Petrol AT nor the Diesel AT are tuned properly. Both fail to impress

• 1.4L Petrol motor simply isn’t as impressive as the all-rounded 2.0L Diesel

• Some owners have reported niggles & issues

• Complex dual-clutch ATs have usually been troublesome in India

• Dealership network is smaller than the mass market brands

• Turning radius of 5.65m is more than the Safari Storme’s! Further, 17º approach angle is too low

• Missing goodies (blanks on the steering, auto-dimming IRVM, auto wipers & headlamps, lumbar adjustment, reclinable rear seats)

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Mod Potential

You can do lots to a Compass, aesthetically & mechanically. You can check out some sweet examples here.

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Sales were good in the initial years & there are many 2017 models in the market, but newer competition + overpricing + lazy management mean it’s been a slow seller of late. Interestingly, the Compass doesn’t command as much of a premium in the used car market, primarily due to competition from brand-new Cretas, Seltos’, Hectors & Harriers. Diesel ATs are almost impossible to find because it was launched last among the variants, and its high price + newer competition limited sales. You’ll get a vast selection of Diesel MTs though, and a fair spread of Petrol ATs. Check out some of the cars on sale here.

This is what GTO had to say about the used Jeep Compass 

Voting for this one is tricky. On the one hand, the Compass is still the definitive Diesel MT crossover for me due to its build + driving pleasure + AWD. On the other hand, I have all but given up on MT cars (except in sports cars & offroaders); the Compass Petrol AT is quite sad, while the Diesel AT is terribly tuned.

Hence, even though I love the Compass, I have voted for a no. Won’t buy an MT anymore, while the ATs suck. Regardless, if you want to buy a Compass, it only makes sense as pre-owned. The new ones are way too expensive today. Going by their pricing strategy, the Jeep India bosses seem to be living in cloud cuckoo land.

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