Porsche Taycan Sets Four-Door EV ‘Ring Record

It’s taken a lot of effort for Porsche to develop its first all-electric model. And so it’s showing off what the engineers have accomplished. Slowly. In a trickle. Over many days. The latest is another feat of racecraft. The Taycan has now set a record for fastest four-door EV on the Nurburgring.

“The Taycan is also suitable for race tracks and it convincingly proved that here on the world’s most challenging circuit,” driver Lars Kern explains. “Again and again, I am impressed at how stable the all-electric sports car handles in high-speed sections, such as Kesselchen, and how neutrally it accelerates from tight sections, such as Adenauer Forst.”

Porsche has already shown that the car can run from 0-200 km/h and back over and over again. Then the car managed to complete more than 2,100 miles around the automaker’s Nardo test track in 24 hours of near-constant flat-out driving. Now, it’s managed to lap the notoriously challenging Nurburgring in seven minutes, 42 seconds.

The company still hasn’t said just how much power the car will make, but we do know that it has all-wheel drive. With Porsche Torque Vectoring, Dynamic Chassis Control, Active Suspension Management, and even active roll stabilization. the record-run car wore 21-inch tires and had rear-wheel steering.

Using 800V lets the car deliver more power for longer. Since there’s less heat moving the electricity through the system. Along with active cooling flaps, the Taycan is able to maintain its power for the full run of the nearly 13-mile long track.

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