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Not quite sold on the all-action Taycan? You're not alone…

By PH Staff / Saturday, October 2, 2021 / Loading comments

It’s quite reasonable to think Porsche’s first Cross Utility Vehicle a bit silly. It has a silly name, after all. It even looks a bit silly if you dwell on the wheel arches for too long. When it launched, Porsche said it was ‘fully electric, versatile, robust and ready for adventure’, which is a nice vibe and not wholly untrue – yet manifestly your adventure needs to be within a couple hundred miles of a rapid charger. Just to put this Taycan on top of a Welsh hill with sufficient battery power for half a day’s filming required plenty of forethought. A Camel Trophy car it is not.

Not that it needs to be, of course. The market is awash with cars claiming to be more multi-purpose than they actually are – and there’s absolutely no question that the Cross Turismo can be driven off-road, because (albeit it very modestly) we did it. Whether you’d actually want to tackle anything more challenging than wet grass is a question for each individual Porsche buyer, not least because the regular all-wheel drive Taycan, already equipped with height adjustable suspension, is probably not living in fear of being driven across a rugby pitch.

Nevertheless, anecdotally at least, existing Taycan owners seem intrigued by the latest variant. In the process of charging the car, we met several who expressed an interest in the newcomer. Although this mostly focused more on the alternative bodyshape and the promise of a roomier, dog-friendlier boot than the advantages of a special ‘gravel’ drive setting. The Cross Turismo brings with it significant additional headroom and 1,200 litres of capacity with the rear seats down (despite a conspicuously narrow load bay) so does just enough to distinguish it as the most flexible choice.

Where it doesn’t have to work hard at all is convincing you that it’s good to drive. The standard Taycan is already a beguiling mix of supreme speed and air-sprung finesse, and the Cross Turismo sticks admirably close to the formula – in fact, it’s possible you might prefer the whiff of float in the chassis because it gives the silent-running progress the sort of fluffy cloud ride it arguably deserves. Sat low and going extraordinarily quickly you won’t think much about gravel or wheel arches or getting a wardrobe in. And you’ll certainly be too enchanted to think about how silly it all is.

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