Porsche plans to use virtual reality to combat car sickness

Porsche is looking to use virtual reality (VR) to combat motion sickness. Rear seat passengers can use VR headsets while the car is in motion.

The VR headsets have sensors that are linked to the car and can adapt to the car in real time. The software uses a form of media specially designed for the application. When the car is being driven around a curve, the vehicle in the VR game will also change direction. The duration of the game can be changed depending on the duration of the journey. The system can play videos and can also be used for virtual conferences. Porsche claims that the technology reduces the symptoms of motion sickness.

The system is under testing and is being developed by Holoride. It is expected to make it into production cars in the next three years. Porsche and Holoride are expected to showcase the system at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, which is scheduled to be held in September this year.

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