Porsche EV battery plant coming soon in Germany

Porsche is said to be planning on setting up its very own facility to manufacture battery cells for electric vehicles.

Porsche is said to have plans of setting up its very own factory to manufacture battery cells for electric vehicles.

The new Porsche EV battery cells manufacturing facility will be set up in the Swabian town of Tuebingen, Southwest Germany.

The company officials stated that this factory will help Porsche and its parent company Volkswagen to reduce their dependence on battery suppliers, mainly situated in Asia.

The setting up of the battery cells plant in Europe will also help in fast-tracking their shift to e-mobility. The factory will also allow the company to ramp up production of its electric models, while also complying with the strict environmental regulations in the European Union.

Reports stated that Porsche will purchase EV batteries from Volkswagen, which plans to set up six battery cell plants across Europe. These factories will also have a separate segment for high-performance battery cells. Volkswagen will also work on expanding the charging infrastructure for EVs globally.

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