Porsche 911 GT3 RS MR goes sub 6:50 at ‘ring

Not quite sold on the new 992? Manthey Racing has nearly pipped the GT2 with its take on the 991.2 RS

By PH Staff / Tuesday, May 4, 2021 / Loading comments

While all attention was focused on the launch of the new 992 GT3 last month, Manthey Racing quietly booked itself exclusive use of the Norschleife for two hours and sent the RS version of the previous model around the 20.8km layout. With works driver Kevin Estre behind the wheel, it managed a notarised time of 6:54.340 using the Nurburgring’s official start-finish line. By the old 20.6km measure, it scored a 6:49.656.

Handily, Estre performed the same test in a 991.2 in 2018, and delivered a 6:56.4 – fully 24 seconds quicker than its predecessor had managed. The near 7 second improvement this time round was courtesy of the latest MR Performance kit, Manthey Racing’s road-legal package which adds fully adjustable coilovers, the MR brake upgrade (including optional magnesium wheels) and considerable aerodynamic addenda – most notably that revised rear wing with its imposing side plates.

The kit is based on the modifications Manthey made to the GT2 RS MR, which itself delivered a 7-second improvement over the ‘standard’ Porsche variant, recording a 6.40.3 in 2018 – a time that still stands as the quickest ever by a modified car. The fact that GT3 RS MR, admittedly on newer Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyres but still with significantly less power, recorded a time just outside the official Porsche lap time set by Lars Kern in the GT2, will no doubt be gratifying to the Manthey team.

“We were impressed by how fast Kévin was in our car,” said Christoph Breuer, project leader for road cars at Manthey/PSZ. “I was pleased to see in the video analysis how relaxed he can drive the Porsche 911 GT3 RS MR fast on the Nordschleife. One of the goals behind the development of our performance kits is drivability. We aim to give our customers the confidence to get fast lap times safely.”

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