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Any Carrera T is a pretty lovely 911, especially with a manual; this one has 540hp, too…

By Matt Bird / Sunday, 5 March 2023 / Loading comments

The first few Porsche 992 Carrera Ts are now making their way to customers, and while a little under the radar, the return of the T is very good news. The previous 991-era car, the first T in decades, proved that a modern 911 could be entertaining without requiring you to spend a six-figure sum. It was almost as usable as any other Carrera, yet just that bit more engaging where it counted to make the premium feel worthwhile. As the 992 has, inevitably, refined the 911 experience once more, so the T treatment once again appeals.

This Carrera T appears to be a great example of the previous car, with money spent by the original owner on adding desirable options like the Miami Blue paint, 918 carbon seats and ceramic brakes. The Techart bodykit may not be to all tastes but, again, it won’t have come cheap. Look at the tartan seat inserts and 917-style gearknob, too – this is a really smartly specced 911. Somebody knew what they were doing here, and it’s been done very well.

But there’s far more to this T than even meets the eye. About 170hp more, in fact. More money has been spent on it with the good folk at Litchfield, which had a T as its demonstrator car to show off the possibilities for turbo Carrera 911s. PH drove it back in 2020, and the praise was effusive to say the least, the 911’s ability to contain 600hp – while retaining great throttle response and an appetite for revs – proving pretty persuasive. This one isn’t quite as potent, with a claimed 540hp, but it’s likely to have lots of the good bits (including GTS turbos) as the ECU tune only boosts 370hp to 460hp. The suspension was also upgraded while at Litchfield, helping to keep a lid on the additional performance. If not the final bill, of course – modifying Porsches often makes for a fantastic car, but it doesn’t come cheap.

That said, what’s true for all modified cars remains true for Porsches: it’s a lot more affordable to buy a car that someone else has already tweaked than embark on the work yourself. The Carrera T was £85,576 new, before you start adding up thousands required for upgraded seats, brakes and paint. Then there’s the Litchfield work to think about. And everything that’s happened to used cars over the past few years. £92,500 makes it the most expensive T out there, but also the highest spec by a margin – as ever, it really depends what you’re after.

Some questioned the logic of a dollop more performance on the least powerful 911, a car intended to celebrate a mere 370hp. That thinking is easy to understand, and there are plenty of untouched Ts out there. But given how keen every reviewer was on the Litchfield upgrades, it isn’t hard to see why the original owner took the plunge – and why it might now intrigue a new buyer.

Certainly, it’s hard to imagine building a car like this for £92,500 now when it’s hard to get in a T for less than £75,000. It still has less than 30,000 miles on it and the pictures speak for themselves when it comes to the condition. Plus, if you think of this like a cut-price 911 Sport Classic – within 10hp, also with a seven-speed manual and retro details – then it’s almost a Porsche bargain. And you don’t see those every day.


Engine: 2,981cc, flat-six turbocharged
Transmission: 7-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): [email protected],500rpm (standard)
Torque (lb ft): [email protected],700-5,000rpm (standard)
0-62mph: 4.5sec
Top speed: 182mph
Weight: 1,500kg (EU)
MPG: 29.7 (NEDC combined)
CO2: 215g/km
Price new: £85,576 (before options)
Yours for: £92,500

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