Poor part quality on my Nissan Magnite: 5 warranty claims & counting

The car has spent 3 odd months in the workshop this year. I even offered to pay 50k if Nissan replaces my car with a new magnite of the same spec just to solve the recurring issues I am facing.

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My warranty claim has finally been approved after 6 months of waiting and showing that the issue was prevalent across multiple other cars in the workshop. It doesn’t matter that the “chrome spotting” issue is not reported by any other users – what matters is it happened with me despite using RO water and PH neutral shampoos with micro fibers to clean the car twice a month. Warranty claims so far :

  • Bonnet repainted under warranty– Paint had started flaking off in the middle of the bonnet ( took ~2 months for warranty claim to be approved because dealership kept claiming Nissan won’t approve paint flaking off as there is no paint warranty. I was told I will get the car back in 2-3 days but they took 3 WEEKS to return the car ).
  • HU replaced– Crashes / reboots / disconnects. Multiple visits / videos of the glitches before it was finally approved and replaced. Took 2+ months of followups and a month of waiting for the part. Dealership was cooperative and helpful
  • Power window switch replaced within a few mins of going to the workshop and showing the issue. Very good service provided
  • DRL– Yet to be replaced. Warranty claim approved by dealership instantly on being shown the issue. VERY GOOD SERVICE imo
  • Chrome– Yet to be replaced. Warranty approval took ~6 months because dealership claimed there is no paint / chrome warranty ( Car is with the workshop since last sunday when I was finally told by the dealership to bring it in). ETA given 2-3 days.  I got a call from the dealership on Thursday that the work is done and to come and pick up the car. When I went ~70% of the work was NOT DONE. The SA was on leave and there was confusion about the suspension noise / chrome parts I had pointed out to the SA as missing on my visit on Tuesday.
  • Suspension noise– Multiple visits but still not fixed.

Nissan India has to figure out the post sales service and warranty processes. It’s just too slow. Decent car – bad quality parts and meh service. I am pretty patient and don’t mind waiting but 3 weeks to paint a panel ? A week and counting to replace some chrome bits ? I hope someone from Nissan reads this and takes this as feedback. We have bought 3 Nissan-Datsun cars in the family in the past 18 months from the same dealership. I have bet big on Rakesh ji’s leadership. I hope my trust wasn’t misplaced.

The claim that was approved after waiting for 6 months – now waiting for parts and updates from the dealership (dead DRLs being replaced, rear tail lamp had an insect and being replaced upon my request as a goodwill gesture).

On top of this, the bonnet that they repainted for paint chipping / bubbling – paint’s started peeling off again ! They have told me they will repaint it again.

The car has spent 3 odd months in the workshop this year. I even offered to pay 50k if Nissan replaces my car with a new magnite of same model / variant / color just to solve the recurring issues I am facing.

Nissan India really needs to understand that we buy cars so we can drive them. Nobody really likes paying EMIs when the car is with the dealer for months ( Just a joke before Nissan India gets back with a rebuttal that no loan taken – I bought it cash down ! )

I want Nissan India to succeed. I have 3 cars in house from this brand – I still can’t recommend this brand to anyone else. Great car. Perfect engine/cvt combo. Bad QC and horrible customer support. Kicks is a much better vehicle than Magnite when it comes to quality of parts used.

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