Police stepping up roadblocks to prevent interstate travel, as Ramadan fasting month starts next week – paultan.org

The fasting month of Ramadan starts next week, and the police believes that there will be more attempts to cross state borders in the process of balik kampung. With this, the PDRM will be tightening roadblocks to curb interstate travel, which is still not allowed. Currently, there are around 35 roadblocks at state entry/exit points and borders nationwide.

According to Bukit Aman director of crime prevention and community safety department Datuk Zainal Abidin Kasim, police will not compromise, and will take stern action towards interstate travellers who do not have full documents and police permission.

“PDRM believes that there’s an increase in attempts to cross state borders to balik kampung for the start of Ramadan, which is expected to fall on April 13. This is because it wasn’t allowed to do so last year. The public will use various ways to travel, so at PDRM, we will tighten checks at roadblocks to ensure no one slips pass,” he told BH.

“If caught, there will be no advocacy, but action will immediately be taken against individuals who breach the standard operating procedure (SOP),” he said after the launch of the Satu Taman Satu Polis initiative at Bukit Beruang, Melaka earlier this week. “If the daily Covid-19 cases rise, we will add more roadblocks,” he added.

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