Police remind parents to ensure children follow road rules when riding motorcycles; Ops Didik to be held – paultan.org

With the start of the 2023 Malaysian school session next week, the police Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) remind parents to ensure their children follow road rules. Focusing on students riding motorcycles to school, police said a licence is compulsory to show competence when operating a motor vehicle.

Next, wearing a helmet is mandatory for both rider and pillion. Additionally, motorcycles cannot be operated by children below 16 years of age in Malaysia.

Lamenting the fact some parents allow children to ride motorcycles to school without the necessary compliance, the statement on police social media said this has been going on for too long with parents taking a lackadaisical attitude to road safety.

JSPT will be conducting “Ops Didik” on a targetted basis at schools across the country beginning next week. Police continue to take an advocating approach towards school children and motorcycle safety.

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