PLUS to accept debit, credit card toll payments soon –

As previously announced, PLUS will be introducing RFID toll payment for passenger vehicles (Class 1) on the main stretch of the North South Highway (NSE) from Juru in Penang to Skudai in Johor. RFID toll collection will start at 10pm on January 15, which is tomorrow night.

The RFID roll out by the country’s biggest toll operator (Klang Valley highways have been accepting RFID for some time now) will see all 83 toll plazas along the NSE have at least one RFID lane. PLUS has been hard at work promoting RFID usage and has even set up a specific page to do so. It’s on this “Jom RFID” page that we found something new.

In the “Lebih Senang” section touting the convenience of RFID, PLUS says that debit and credit card toll payment options are coming soon, with pilot testing already underway at selected toll plazas – see the screenshot above.

This is a good move and one that’s very convenient for motorists – almost everyone has debit/credit cards and those are things that are permanently in the wallet. Klang Valley residents would have noticed that there are more shopping mall carparks with credit card payment now, in addition to Touch n Go. Card payment would also be convenient because there’s no reloading needed. What do you think of this move?

Anyway, here’s all you need to know about RFID toll payment. Where to get it, how to install, how does it all work? It’s all in this FAQ post. Is special care needed once you have the sticker on? More on that here.

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