Personal vehicles could be registered under India (IN) series

The new system is expected to facilitate free interstate movement of vehicles.

The ministry of road transport and highways has proposed a new registration system for personal vehicles. It will use a new IN series (India) in order to facilitate free interstate movement of vehicles.

The ‘IN series’ will be available to Defence personnel, employees of the Central Government, State Governments, Central / State PSUs and private sector companies / organisations, which have offices in five or more States or Union Territories. The road tax on ‘IN series’ will be levied for 2 years or in multiple of two.

Under the existing rules, the owner is allowed to keep a vehicle in any state other than its state of origin for a period of 12 months. The owner is required to apply for new registration within this period. For this, the owner has to provide a no-objection certificate from the parent state and the road tax has to be paid in the new state on a pro-rata basis.


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