People Went Nuts Over a Photo BFGoodrich Posted. Here’s Why

BFGoodrich posted a photo on its social media of a modified Crown Vic on the Bonneville Salt Flats. No biggie, right? Wrong—the driver was doing what appeared to be a donut. Repeat: The car was on the Bonneville Salt Flats, smashing through the salt crust and leaving behind a rut.

We refuse to name the driver and passenger who did this since in today’s climate, there’s a very fine line between shame and fame. We’re not thrilled to be showing their photo either, but we decided it was important for you to see just how fragile the terrain is at Bonneville. It also allows us the opportunity to praise the hard work of Save the Salt (, a nonprofit that works to protect the national monument that is the Bonneville Salt Flats.

BFG’s social-media agency was caught offguard, thinking it was just an action photo. As soon as the tiremaker caught wind of the overwhelming freakout, including from the international land speed racing community, an apology was issued, saying “Thank you all for voicing your concerns. The vehicle in the photo wasn’t owned, driven, or sponsored by BFGoodrich” and acknowledged its poor judgment. The post was then removed.

“We applaud BFGoodrich’s quick response in removing the posting once it became aware of the irresponsible act,” said Dennis Sullivan, president of the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association. “BFGoodrich has long ties to Bonneville and its tires have helped racers set land speed records over many decades. The company values this unique venue and has joined the racing community in efforts to restore the salt flats. To assist in the effort, the company is making a $5,000 donation to the Save the Salt Foundation.”

Save the Salt said it notified officials at the Bureau of Land Management, asking for an investigation. As you can guess, the BLM had already posted warning signs about limited access to the salt flats. Welcome to 2019: Anything for the ’gram.

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