One theory exam for motorcycle and car licences soon –

Theory examinations for individuals taking their motorcycle and car driver’s licence tests may be standardised soon, The Star has reported. Some motorists have voiced out that they have been required to take the theory examination for their motorcycle licence and then for their car driver’s licence separately, transport minister Anthony Loke has said.

“This is unlike some time ago when we could just complete the theory examination once for both licences. I think we can simplify this to lessen the people’s burden,” Loke said during a radio interview on Monday, adding that the proposal had previously been put forth during his previous tenure as transport minister in 2018.

Under existing regulations, anyone obtaining a motorcycle licence or car driver’s licence separately must pass two theory examinations, which is one application for each respective licence.

This examination will have 50 multiple-choice questions with a minimum passing grade of 84%, or 42 questions answered correctly. However for those who take the test for both licences at the same time, this will have 70 multiple-choice questions with a minimum of 59 questions answered correctly.

Meanwhile, Loke added that a statement will be made soon regarding the extension of the Malaysian driver’s licence validity period, which is currently at a maximum of five years.

The transport minister said in February that an extension of the maximum validity period to 10 years is being considered. At present, it costs RM30 per year to renew a Class D driving licence, with a minimum renewal duration of one year and a maximum of five years, so a 10-year renewal would mean forking out RM300.

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