Obscure American Supercar Maker Falcon Motorsports Is For Sale

All you need is $675,000.

It’s not an everyday occurrence that an entire car maker is put up for sale, but Falcon Motorsports wasn’t your typical automaker. The boutique American supercar company had built just a handful of cars since its beginnings in 2009, but now the entire operation is listed for sale on Loopnet.com. The asking price is a cool $675,000 for the whole kit-n’-caboodle, and that includes a fully functioning Falcon F7 supercar, too.

The F7 had an original sticker price of $250,000, so the $675k price tag for the whole thing feels like a steal. It doesn’t have everything you’d need to start your own company, but it provides a good start. The sale includes all the necessary tools, molds, and materials and the trademarks and copyrights, logos, trade secrets, engineering data, drawings, and all the other “intellectual and/or proprietary information and property” related to the Falcon F7.

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The F7 made its debut a decade ago at the Detroit Auto Show, where Falcon showed off the V8-powered supercar. It featured a monocoque chassis made from aluminum, carbon fiber, and Kevlar with a mid-engine layout that powered the rear wheels. It sported a sleek design for a boutique supercar maker, with a GM-sourced engine under the hood. It was a 7.0-liter GM LS7 V8 that the company modified to make 620 horsepower (462 kilowatts) and 600 pound-feet (813 Newton-meters) of torque.

Automakers of all sizes come and go all the time. Automotive history is littered with hundreds of defunct car brands ranging from ambitious startups to towering titans. However, it’s rare for the public to get an opportunity to buy a supercar maker. Falcon never turned into an American equivalent to Europe’s great supercar makers, though it did make something that’s both unique and stylish, and you can own it all.


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