NRP Phase 3: Three to a car now allowed for those not fully vaccinated, three also for ride-hailing and taxis –

With the Klang Valley and Melaka transitioning to Phase 3 of the national recovery plan (NRP) from today, October 1, the states now follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the phase as defined by the national security council (MKN).

Under the latest September 30 guidelines, unvaccinated individuals are now able to dine in at restaurants and visit showrooms, car washes, morning markets and farmers’ markets. Those that have yet to get their shots are also able to cross district lines, although they will still need to be vaccinated and get police permission to conduct interstate spousal or child visitations.

Under Phase 3 SOPs, the number of occupants permitted per vehicle has also been revised for those who are not fully vaccinated. The two-to-a-car rule (still in place in Phase 2 states) no longer applies under Phase 3, and three people are now allowed to travel together in a vehicle.

As before, for those who are fully vaccinated, the number of occupants permitted per vehicle is based on the seating capacity of the vehicle. Here, individuals are allowed to transport children below 18, adhering to general health protocols.

For those who have yet to complete their vaccination doses, the maximum of three people in one vehicle ruling still applies in cases where medical care or emergency medical services is required, and this includes the person requiring the medical attention.

As for taxis and ride-hailing services, the number of people allowed in a vehicle under Phase 3 guidelines has been increased to three, including the driver, but as it was with the previous ruling, passengers must continue to sit in the rear.

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