Novitec launches N-Largo F8 Spider

Mid-engined Ferrari V8 not attention grabbing enough? Now Novitec has a widebody option…

By Matt Bird / Monday, November 1, 2021 / Loading comments

Say what you will about the prospect of a widebody Ferrari, the popularity is hard to deny – Koenig were doing it more than 30 years ago with Testarossas, don’t forget. The widebody baton is one gladly taken up by Novitec in recent years, with the 488, f12 and 812 all receiving ‘N-Largo’ conversions; now there’s another to add to the list, with the announcement of an F8 Spider N-Largo.

Look familiar? It was just last month that Novitec revealed its 800hp F8 drop-top. However, beside the colour, a fair bit else has changed. The body is the most obvious modification, with Novitec’s bespoke carbon parts adding 13cm to the rear width and 9cm to the front. So best get the wide carriage on the Eurotunnel.

Up front the new front wings now feature vents for brake cooling, with rear intakes doing the same and helping with air supply for the twin-turbo V8. There are concessions to aerodynamic efficiency here, too – it’s not merely an attention grabber (though obviously that is the primary purpose). Novitec says the redesigned front end helps minimise lift with the rear diffuser and ducktail spoiler, the latter said to generate more downforce at high speed.

Because, of course, this is a Novitec Ferrari, which means it’s capable of very high speed. This N-Largo is more powerful even that last month’s Novitec Ferrari, thanks to a standard fit Inconel exhaust, with 818hp at 7,960rpm. Apparently that ensures the F8 is capable of 0-124mph in a wildly fast 7.7 seconds.

A widebody needs wide wheels and tyres to fill it out, and the N-Largo F8 doesn’t disappoint on that score. Though the fronts are a fairly modest 255-section on a 21-inch rim, the rear tyres measure an enormous 335mm across with a 22-inch wheel. The Vossen rims “deliver an outstanding combination of lightweight construction and strength.” Plus, presumably, a terrifying repair bill if kerbed. As per all Novitec Ferraris, this F8 is lowered for maximum visual impact (and sporty handling) with the Spider sat 35mm lower than standard. Combined with the wheels and the bodykit, no one is going to mistake it for just any Ferrari.

Rarity is guaranteed, too, with just 15 N-Largo F8 Spiders to be converted by Novitec. Given the coupe equivalent sold out in a matter of hours, don’t be surprised if the same number of Spiders find buyers pretty quickly as well. Which means that this is unlikely to be Novitec’s last widebody Ferrari, either…

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