Not all B40s will be assisted to get free tests for B2 motorcycle, taxi, bus and e-hailing licences – Loke –

The transport ministry says that the government cannot support all B40 individuals who want to obtain a Class B2 motorcycle license and taxi, bus and ride-hailing licenses, as announced during Budget 2023.

According to transport minister Anthony Loke, only individuals from that category who face difficulties in terms of financial ability will be considered to receive the benefits of the programme, as Berita Harian reports.

“There is an allocation of more than RM4 million for us to cover expenses to help the B40 group, but of course this means that not everyone who takes a driver’s license will be able to be accommodated by the government. We can’t do that,” he said during an episode of Ruang Bicara aired by Bernama TV last week.

“What is meant is that we will have a programme, an initiative where we provide assistance to the B40 group to take this license, and also for drivers who want to get PSV and GDL. That is what we are currently developing in terms of the mechanism,” he said. He added that the mechanism and conditions will be detailed first before an announcement is made.

Prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is also the finance minister, had announced in Budget 2023 that the government would, through the MyPSV programme, cover the fees for obtaining taxi, bus and ride-hailing licenses to help the B40 group, especially among the youth.

The B2 license test fee is currently set at RM17 for Part 1 and RM20 for Part 2 (which includes rental of test motorcycles and use of the test circuit). Most driving schools charge somewhere between RM500 to RM800 for taking the B2 motorcycle licence, including course fees, training sessions and hire of test bikes.

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