NKVE traffic flow back to normal, undisrupted by DASH scaffolding collapse at Kota Damansara – PLUS – paultan.org

PLUS said in a statement yesterday that traffic flow along the NKVE’s Kota Damansara interchange is not affected by the collapsed scaffolding incident that happened on Saturday night “due to the timely response of all parties involved”. The site of the incident was “secured under 12 hours,” the highway operator said.

“The seamless collaboration between all lead to the complete sealing off of the affected are, which has undergone clean-up works beginning today (June 20) and the traffic flow from KM19.8 to KM19.2 on both directions have resumed back to normal. Nevertheless, PLUS will continue monitoring the cleaning of the site in ensuring the safety of all parties,” said PLUS MD Datuk Azman Ismail.

At 7.15pm Saturday night, two Bangladeshi workers were injured after a metal scaffolding collapsed at the Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Highway (DASH) construction site. That portion of the DASH runs above the NKVE. A stop work order notice has been issued to DASH and contractor MRCB, and they have assured the area is safe from debris, any protruding materials and loose items that may be safety hazards.

Remember to slow down and be alert when passing highway construction sites. That’s in our control; falling items aren’t.

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