New AMG Nighthawk is a 2,250hp mega boat

Inspired by the GT Black Series, this AMG is also very orange – and has four V8s

By Matt Bird / Friday, June 25, 2021 / Loading comments

Though boats aren’t typical PH fodder, the Cigarette 41′ Nighthawk AMG Black Series isn’t any old vessel. In case you hadn’t guessed. It is, in fact, the 13th time AMG and Cigarette Racing have collaborated on something floaty, this one promising “direct and unfiltered performance, combined with iconic design and luxury features, with exclusivity and craftsmanship unlike any other performance boat in its segment.” Plus, well, it’s orange, and has been photographed with a GT Black Series – the resulting pics meant the Nighthawk had to feature.

That said, while a pair of matching Magmabeam Orange AMGs is quite the spectacle, that’s nothing compared to what powers the boat. In the GT, one very potent V8 provides 730hp, enough until just this week for a Nurburgring lap record. In the Nighthawk, five (!) Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines – each a 4.6-litre V8 – delivers 450 prop horsepower each. So, yes, 2,250hp in total. Very cleverly, five engines can be controlled by just two throttle levers, and more than three times the power of the GT means almost 100mph potential. Which sound about as scary as doing 200mph in the car.

Of course, this is still an AMG, so the Cigarette Racing boat is brimmed with creature comforts. There’s space for “more than ten people”, apparently, with “exceptional luxury amenities” including Cigarette Cool upholstery (keeping dark colours colour even when baked by the sun), a height adjustable captain’s seat for “spirited boating”, a powerful Audio Marine sound system and whatever a bow thruster is. Plus, in keeping with the AMG tradition, there’s a lithium-ion battery for reducing weight. Which may or may not make much difference.

Given the performance, the all-carbon deck and carbon hardtop (on a boat!) as well as the Affalterbach link, the Cigarette 41′ Nighthawk isn’t going to be cheap. Especially as even the non-AMG Cigarette boats can be up to $2m. But for the powerfully built company director who already has everything – up to and including a GT Black Series – then summer toys surely come no bigger or better.

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