New 288hp Ford Ranger Raptor on sale now

A twin-turbo V6 Ecoboost has spiked our interest in the Raptor; a sub-£60k price will only help its cause…

By Matt Bird / Monday, 23 May 2022 / Loading comments

Likeable though the old Ranger Raptor was, a £50k asking price for a diesel Ford pick-up was always a stumbling block. Fact is there were plenty of faster trucks out there for less money, and speed matters. Ford hasn’t made the same mistake second time around: the new Ecoboost V6-engined Raptor will cost from £57,340, including the VAT.

Now, obviously £57k for a commercial vehicle remains a lot of money, but having almost 300hp and six cylinders in your Raptor for that money seems better value than a four-pot diesel for the same ballpark. And don’t forget vans and trucks can get jolly expensive these days; the Transporter Speedline recently driven on PH was £55,899 as tested, and that made do with a 2.0 TDI as well. No wonder building work is so expensive if the tools for the job cost so much…

Orders for the new Ford Ranger Raptor are open now, with deliveries expected in late summer. Standard kit will include Fox dampers, an active exhaust, Ford Sync 4A infotainment and seven drive modes; to that roster buyers will be able to add the new Code Orange paint for £720 (Arctic White is standard; all others, including Blue Lightning, are £600), the Raptor Splash Decal Pack for £600 and an exterior Raptor Pack, which brings a powered tonneau cover and cab roll over bar for £1,860.

“Being able to build their dream Next-Gen Ranger Raptor is now a reality for our customers and they can experiment with the range of options with our online configurator” said Hans Schep, general manager, Ford Pro Europe. “Whatever the combination, Ranger Raptor will always deliver its trademark ultimate off-road driving experience.” And it’s most people’s lunch break right now, the configurator is here… what are you waiting for?

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