My XUV700 AWD diesel ownership review: Delivery, driving & electronics

Coming from a Hyundai i20, the sheer size of the SUV felt overwhelming.

BHPian Karaboudjan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Sphinx is here…my XUV700 AWD AX7L

Hello folks,

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

First of all, I would like to thank all the fellow Bhpians here for investing time in penning down their experiences, which makes a buying decision so much easier and more informed. At every stage, I was more well-informed than the SA/demo personnel.

Extremely happy to share that I took delivery of my AX7L AWD, midnight black from Randhawa Motors on 23 Dec 2022.

Named her “Sphinx”. Have driven her 600-odd kms to date. Please allow me to share my experience below:

Delivery and dealership experience

Booked the vehicle on 27 Nov 2021 via the dealer itself. My booking showed up online on 29 Nov 2021. Delivery date was showing as July 2023. Somewhere in July 2022, the delivery date on the online portal got bumped up to Jan 2023. Two SAs who were assigned to me quit the dealership during this time. The third SA was the best among them and I am very happy with the service he provided.

I got a call from my SA on 8th Dec 2022 that my vehicle has been allotted and will shortly arrive the stockyard. He asked me to make the payment as soon as possible to avoid any delays. I requested that I will pay INR two lakhs before the PDI and the rest after that. He agreed to this. The car arrived at the dealership on 16 Dec and immediately received a call for PDI. The SA was most cooperative and allowed me a full PDI. The engine was still warm from the drive from the stockyard to the dealership. The initial insurance quote was a whopping 1.4 lakh, but when I shared the online quotation from Reliance, they agreed to match it.

I chose the following accessories:

Accessories were fitted prior to the delivery. Opted for a choice number at RTO for which had to pay extra in cash.

The SA kept me updated throughout. On D-day, he called me to the showroom at 1600 hrs, and I showed up promptly with my family. Did all the paperwork while the family waited eagerly. The delivery experience was pleasantly different from the one I had 10 years ago when I purchased my i20. The car was draped in a red cloth. They had arranged a Pooja thali et al.

The SA told me that the extended warranty papers would come in some time from the company. Still waiting for that. All in all a wonderful experience.

Driving experience

Straight from the showroom, the SA took me to the nearest petrol pump and filled in 12 litres of diesel. I topped it up to a full tank. Drove off and straight into thick Mumbai evening traffic. Coming from an i20, the sheer size of the vehicle felt overwhelming. The light steering and SVS system make it a lot easier to drive in traffic, given its size.

I have been driving the vehicle sedately with it still in the run-in period. Here are my observations:

Infotainment and Electronics

All in all, I am happy with the purchase. Hoping to sort out the football-in-the-boot issue soon.

Saddened to share that the Sphinx has picked up two battle scars, one a small scratch on the right side rear passenger door while parked in public parking and a stone hit on the front passenger door lower side. Still in double minds about the ceramic coating.

Hope this experience will be helpful to potential buyers.

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