My Renault Duster completes 1.40 lakh km: Ownership & maintenance cost

Tyres are going to be the next big expense, along with a suspension overhaul.

BHPian Tgo recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Green One – 7 Years-Up! | 140K Service

With most of the fluids changed last time, this service was a quick one. The cost of the diesel fuel filter is touching Rs 3,500 bucks now. Other than that, the car has been fuss-free. It became difficult for my parents to travel during the heat wave. With the White one nearing 10 years, trips requiring travelling through NCR are done in this one only.

Insurance was renewed by Royal Sundaram and we managed to get Zero-Dep coverage for the 8th year of ownership. Expensive, but it’s probably the last time it is offered.

Tyres are going to be the next big expense along with a suspension overhaul. Will wait for it till I get back in February and assess the situation.

Used just by my Dad these days who cycles between this and the white one. Still, it averages out at 20,000 km in the 7 years of ownership.

Here are some stats for the nerdy kin.

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