My pleasant experience dealing with Toyota for a warranty claim

I had asked if TKM could replace with Hilux steering, which does not get any wood inserts, but was refused.

BHPian PrideRed recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got the steering wheel replaced under warranty. While the crack/scratch was minor and barely noticeable, decided to change as there is a possibility that the crack might expand. Warranty claim was easy, dealership took few pics shared with TKM. Claim was approved within 2 days and part was ordered. Part came in another two days and went on a weekend to get steering replaced. Took about 4 hours to replace.

The wood on the new steering has matte finish in same color. The leather somewhat feels a bit softer, not significantly different.

I had asked if TKM could replace with Hilux steering, which does not get any wood inserts, but was refused. Though minor, didn’t expect to crack so early but on the positive side, replacement was hassle free. Again had a very good experience at Nandi Toyota Banaswadi, who were supportive right from the beginning.

Kids managed to break the fuse of 12V charger, when they accidently put in some metal piece. The front 12V socket too lost power immediately. There are atleast 3 fuse box, the one for electricals is under glove box. The one in hood has spares, replaced the 12V charger specific fuse(15A), which was under glove box. Got a new spare for Rs 65 including tax.

New steering wheel

Here’s what BHPian padmarajravi had to say on the matter:

Thank you for the update. By any chance do you have a picture of the crack, just so we are aware of what to watch out for ? Mine does not have a crack yet, but I am tempted by your replacement matt finish steering wheel. I will prefer that to the glossy wood finish that it originally came with. Makes me wish my car’s steering wheel cracks too

BHPian PrideRed replied:

Here you go. It’s not visible much during daylight and need some focused light. Cannot be felt through fingers but you can feel with nails. You may not see it unless you focus

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