My Mahindra XUV700 has happily munched 26,000 km: Sharing 4 highlights

If driven sanely, the SUV returns a great fuel efficiency – 15-18 km/l at 120 km/h.

BHPian abirnale recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Update after a long time

I have been busy with work and some family stuff. The car continues to munch miles happily. Nothing extraordinary to report – other than the odometer now reads 26k km.

Maybe I can highlight a few minor things

  • The Apple CarPlay is NOT as stable and useful as I thought it would be. It has a lot of rough edges. Frequent disconnections, music and phone volumes and sources getting messed up are a few major issues. By the way, when you take a phone screenshot while it’s connected to Apple CarPlay, it will take three pictures – phone screen, ICE screen and MID screen!
  • The blank screen isn’t scary but irritating – happened to me a couple of times. All I need to do is wait it out for a few minutes or allow the system to reboot by switching off and on the car.
  • The Continental tires are great – silent and grippy. Comparable to the Michelins I had on my old car, loved them and loved these. Been to bad roads and good roads and nothing to complain about.
  • The car continues to give great FE if driven sanely (120kmph, 15-18kmpl). You are never out of power – zap is my default mode and never needed to zoom.

And to round up, a few pictures:

And we look forward to a few more trips in the car! Stay tuned, Happy Diwali to all readers!

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