My Jeep Compass 4×4 diesel MT completes 1 lakh kms: The journey so far

The average fuel efficiency till date is 14 kmpl+ and I am happy with it. If you show enough patience while driving on the highway, this engine can easily give you 18-20 kmpl+,

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1,00,000 kms update:

We finally crossed the 1L kms milestone earlier this week after a short pause due to a home quarantine situation. It is a nice feeling to cross the 1L mark and I am happy that it has been a trouble-free ownership so far. Scarlett has been an excellent companion on the highway and a great handler of bad roads. I have had some of my most memorable drives in this machine. I have some wish-list drives to go on with Scarlett, one of them being a trip to the Himalayas. I was able to do that twice in my Linea but it hasn’t happened yet with Scarlett due to the pandemic and various other reasons. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

Some data captured so far:

Usage pattern:

After the pandemic, the overall usage has come down. Also, since I am still working from home, the office trips have come down to nil. Overall, it’s like 70:30 in favor of highway usage:

And regarding 4×4 usage, I have used AWD on few drives on a beach near Kanyakumari, a few off-roading drives with the Bangalore Jeep Club and some driving on the rocky terrain. The 4×4 came in handy while driving to Devi Gudda peak, Chikmagalur. That was great fun. Here is the travelogue on this.

No: of days taken for every 5k kms:

Fuel efficiency:

The average fuel efficiency till date is 14Kmpl+ and I am happy with it. If you show enough patience while driving on the highway, this engine can easily give you 18-20Kmpl+, but it is difficult to do sedate drive with this machine in your hands.

In city driving conditions, I get around 10-12 kmpl.

Fuel price graph during this ownership so far:

Fuel station:

Within Bangalore, I stick to the BPCL or IOCL which is located near my home. When on the highway, I prefer BPCL COCO or any other COCO. If COCO isn’t easily available, then I look for Shell or others.

Maintenance – Periodic service details:

The average service cost is around 15K per service. It goes up when there are parts replacements involved (Ex: Brake pads, Timing Belt, Clutch etc).
At 1,00,000 Kms, the service expense is little over 1rs per Km. Amounts spent for servicing so far is 1,11,690 /-.

And for replacement of tyres, battery, accessories, it has costed 1,08,270 /- This again little over 1rs per km.

Maintenance – Parts replacements:

Brake Pads:

Brake pads were replaced at 51K Kms. The second set is at 49K Kms now and I think this will go till the next service which is due in another 4K Kms. I will get this replaced then. The brake discs are still on the stocks and it may need a replacement during the next service as well. I will get it checked.


The stock ones were very good, and it was replaced at 69K Kms. This is expensive though at around 5K for front wipers. So, replaced with Bosch wipers which cost around 900/-. These Bosch wipers are flimsy but does its job. However, it requires frequent replacement. I have used 2 sets already and will require the 3 one soon.


One fine day Scarlett refused to start and started throwing random errors on the MID. This happened after 2 years and 63K Kms on the ODO. Scarlett came with Exide, and I replaced it with an Amaron. It is a known behavior that the battery in Compass gives up around the 2-year mark. Many owners had to replace the battery around 18months-24 month time frame. Very few were lucky to stretch the battery life to 3-4 years.
These were the errors displayed when the battery died.


First set of Firestones were replaced @ 51K Kms, you can find more details on this here.

Second set was Yokohama Earth1 and this was replaced at 99K Kms, you can find more details on this here.

In my opinion, Earth1 was much better than the stock Firestones. However, Earth1 started turning hard by 30K Kms and subsequently, the tyre noise went up as well.

Overall, for anyone who wants to stick to the stock size, there is not many options for Compass. Off late, we have Good Years AT and MRF Markus in the market.

This is the current GoodYear Wrangler AT:

Timing belt:

Timing belt was a periodic replacement at 75K Kms.

Issues faced:

Thankfully I have not faced any major issues so far. #touchwood

The only issue that concerned me a bit was with the AC. As mentioned in post #297, the AC stopped working during a highway drive. When I took to service center, they first connected the diagnostic tool and scanned for errors. The error captured was “Lost communication with HVAC control module”. Due to some power supply issue, the system had disabled the HVAC control module. This issue was fixed and concluded that this could’ve been caused by a loose connection in the fuse. Refer to this post for details.

Apart from this, I faced issues with the jammed wheel lug nuts. It’s a known issue with these cap type lug nuts that if the cap gets misaligned, then it becomes difficult to remove the nut. I recently had to replace 3 of them which had this issue. I think for the facelift Compass, they have moved to the normal ones.

Rattling issue:

The much talked about issue in the Compass is its infamous rattling issue. I don’t have any major complaints on this except for intermittent rattling issue on the driver side door and a noise from the dashboard which keeps happening occasionally.

Both are intermittent and I have never made any attempt to fix this issue. The main reason being, so far I haven’t been able to replicate this issue at the service center and also this issue is not an unbearable one that’s affecting the drive quality.

Current issue:

There is an intermittent issue with the head light switch. When I turn this ON randomly either the left or right one doesn’t turn ON. But when I turn it OFF and turn it ON again, both come up fine. It’s a very random issue. I will get this checked at service center sometime soon.

Servicing experience @PPS/MPS Motors:

So far, all servicing has been done at PPS Motors which is located in Electronic City (Hosur Road) and my experience has been very good. Normally when I go for servicing, I update them well in advance and be there as the first person for the day. During the servicing, I stay there and get it back once done. I prefer going to service during mid-week than weekends and Mondays. Weekends are normally very crowded, and at times their weekend load stretches into Monday.

Overall, I don’t have any complaints and I am happy with their service.

Standard / Extended Warranty:

The standard warranty got over at the end of 3rd year and I am now on the extended warranty period. The standard warranty ended unused as I didn’t face any issues that required it. During the initial days, the wheel lug-nuts had alignment issues and hence few of them were replaced under warranty which would have costed less than 1K.

Extended warranty will be in force for another 50Kms or 18 months, whichever comes earlier.

Wheel alignment / Balancing:

I am a regular at Madhus and get the Wheel Alignment / Balancing done every 5-7K Kms based on the usage. I also get the wheel rotation done periodically. The only time I went outside was for the last tyre replacement.

Liqui moly diesel additive:

I started using this additive since 76,000 Kms, Initially I couldn’t notice any difference but after the 4th bottle, I started seeing some differences. The engine clatter that comes at lower RPMs in 3rd – 4th gear has softened, and the engine too feels smoother. Also, I see an increase in FE but not sure if it’s due to the additive or something else. When I started using this the average FE till then (76,000 Kms) was 13.96 Kmpl. Now at 1,00,000 Kms the average FE is at 14.16 Kmpl. Apart from this, it also acts as an injector cleaner.

Deep interior cleaning:

Beige / Whitish interiors are always difficult to maintain. I got interiors deep-cleaned twice so far. I did this at Krithi Car Care. They did a great job both the times. You can find more details here.

A pic during a short drive (little off-road) after crossing 1L kms:

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