My Honda Jazz CVT completes 35,000 km: Overall mileage & service costs

I replaced the transmission oil based on the 2 years duration.

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35k Service Update

31k Service & Tire replacement Update here.


  • Rear Window power switch had gone kaput

No other issues

Service Details


  • Rear power window switch, I repaired & fixed as Honda did not have the motor
  • They recommended replacing the front brake pads. I replaced it’
  • There was a minor dent on the boot lid; since the metal seemed to exposed, got it painted



  • Replaced the wiper blade
  • Replaced the transmission oil based on 2 years duration.
  • The key remote failed; even after the battery was replaced, it did not work.
  • I found a YouTube Video addressing the exact same problem asking me to short, very imprecisely, leg 2 & leg 7/8. Amazingly it worked

Honda charged me to inspect this; did not identify the problem or suggest any fix; did not ask me if they can replace the battery. Nothing. Just returned the car with the problem remaining but a CYA note in the service history!


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