My Fiat Linea T-Jet: Flawless 8 years & 80000 kms of ownership

Fuel efficiency is fantastic on highways if you modulate your right leg gently. I got a true mileage of 17+ kmpl on my trip to Srisailam.

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8 years, 8 months and 80000 kms on the odometer:

  • The ownership experience is flawless to say without any major niggling or technical issues. Hope it stays the same. It still feels contemporary be it engine performance, features, looks, practicality, safety etc.
  • T-jet spotting is rare. Very rare.
  • Engine is running sweet and looks like it’s just reached its prime. Most of the items like clutch, suspension stuff(except elastic pad) are still on its first set. Acceleration still gives the chills and keep up with new age cars.
  • I just love the brakes. Despite being stuck on Srisailam ghat for hours on my way to temple and back and crawling like snake, it never felt spongy or vague. ABS works flawlessly whenever needed without being intrusive.
  • Ride is flat and generally takes most of undulations/craters in its stride. Luckily no bent wheels till now.
  • Fuel efficiency is fantastic on highways if you modulate your right leg gently. I got a true mileage of 17+ kmpl on my trip to Srisailam.
  • Interiors are holding nice without any untimely rattle or torn fabric. Exception is the sunvisor. The OEM one’s broke 1-2 year in the ownership. The price of sunvisor is around ₹4500. The one on driver side rattles to glory on slightest road imperfection and always remind me of where I am saving the money.
  • Leather interior are definitely A+. They are superlative in providing comfort and class.
  • Blue&Me along with ICE works as intended. Thank God for that.
  • Auto AC works as intended and rarely do I go below 21-22 degree C.
  • The fantastic Michelin’s are on their last legs. I have penned my experience of completing 50k kms with them in a separate thread.
  • The usual FIAT traits are obviously present like a cavernous boot, abuse friendly design, solid build with a built to last feel.
  • I go to the FNG for all my Tjet related service needs since FASS is definitely no good and is overcrowded. These guys though are technically good and humble but things are getting mismanaged a bit with increasing load. A potential red flag for future? May be.

For now, I am enjoying the TJET experience.

T-Jet definitely likes 95. There is definitely an improvement in low end. The FE too has definitely increased on longer trips….

I see no reason to use 91 on T-Jet anymore. From what I’ve heard, higher octane fuels in India aren’t adulterated with ethanol

Co-incidentally, I tried using xp95 for Tjet a while ago. I definitely feel some improvement in terms of engine smoothness. It definitely feels less strained.
I can’t confirm yet on increased fuel economy, but I will definitely keep an eye on that.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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