My BYD E6 electric MPV comes home: Completes 1000 km in the 1st week

The 5-seater MPV is just 10 cm shorter than the Toyota Innova, translating to a huge cabin with plenty of space.

BHPian Bimmer_Sage recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I got my BYD delivered this past week and I have clocked a little more than a thousand kilometres. The range is as advertised. If you push it hard then obviously it is going to affect the range a little bit. But you don’t feel like pushing it. The ride is super plush. The Android tablet as the infotainment works seamlessly. It is a no-frills practical vehicle and if I charge at home it costs me around Rs 360 from 0 to 100 per cent range. Since the battery is big, almost 72 KWh, I have installed an ABB 22 kW AC fast charger. This car is capable of both AC fast charging up to 40KW and DC fast charging up to 60 KW. It is just 10 centimetres shy of the Innova’s length and is a 5-seater, which translates to a huge cabin and a lot of real estate for even super tall folks.

I have changed the light bulbs from halogens to LEDs. At the 5000 km mark when the service is due I would like to get the speakers upgraded from the dealership itself.

A big shout out to Gurpreetji, GM Krishna group and Sukhwinder from Krishna BMW Ludhiana. We have been associated with them for the better part of the decade and they have always been courteous and professional.

The car is almost Rs 32 lakh on-road, but if you can look for the right government schemes you can manage to lower the costs.

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