Mustang Mach 1 767 Edition breaks cover

Clive Sutton launches 767hp supercharged version of the uprated Ford Mustang

By PH Staff / Tuesday, September 7, 2021 / Loading comments

We greeted news of the Mach 1’s official arrival in the UK with great fanfare at PH Towers. Having been denied the GT500, here at last was a properly track-focused Mustang in right-hand-drive format and available from a franchise dealer. We didn’t even let the fact that some of the additional output had been cruelly diminished in Europe by the fitment of a particulate filter dissuade us. Sure it would be marginally down on power compared to an American Mach 1 – but it would still be a Mach 1. That was enough.

Or it was for us. Clive Sutton, fresh from installing 859hp in the CS850GT, seems to have been unwilling to take the news lying down. Having gained what must have been very early access to a right-hand-drive Mach 1, the tuning division of the Mustang specialist obviously decided to return some of the missing horsepower. Only it seems to have overshot the mark somewhat – where previously there was 460hp from the 5.0-litre V8, the fitment of a 3.0-litre supercharger has rendered 767hp.

Of course, at second glance it’s possible that Clive Sutton had that stupendous number in mind all the time given that 767mph is, roughly speaking, considered to be the speed of sound – or Mach 1. (Local speed of sound in air depends on temperature – but let’s not get bogged down in fluid dynamics, and just agree that 307hp more than standard is really quite a lot). Either way, 767 Edition has quite a nice ring to it.

The ‘charger gets a dual-pass charge cooler and H-pipe exhaust to aid its power grab, and likely makes quite the noise. The UK-spec Mach 1 already comes with suspension mods included in the special Handling Pack – revised adaptive dampers, stiffer springs, new subframes and more senior anti-roll bars – but Clive Sutton says it has further upgraded a number of chassis components while also adjusting the wheel geometry for a ‘Fast Road’ setup.

Obviously the 767 Edition gets the Mach 1-specific front splitter, floor pan and rear diffuser – said to improve downforce by as much as 25 per cent – and each car will sit on Ford Performance ‘birds nest’ wheels and earn Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres. Inside there’s a choice of six-speed manual or 10-speed auto, and the tuner has added bespoke mood lighting, a custom starter button, new arm rest and CS badging.

Clive Sutton, founder and CEO, said: “Exclusivity, range-beating performance and absolute attention to detail are all qualities our customers look for – we’ve delivered each in spades with the Mach 1 – 767 Edition. The fact we managed to ‘hit the speed of sound’ figure with our horsepower upgrades makes this model even more special… it’s so much more of a Mach 1 than the stock version!” It costs more than a Mach 1, too. The 767 Edition, which made its debut at Salon Prive last week, is priced from £96k on the road.

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