Morgan confirms 2022 for new 3-Wheeler

New styling direction hinted at in showcased design sketches

By PH Staff / Thursday, December 2, 2021 / Loading comments

The new 3-Wheeler is coming. We know this. We’re still not quite sure what it will be called yet because Morgan keeps referring to it as a ‘three-wheeled model’ which suggests a new name will be applied to distinguish it from the old one – but coming it is. And now we’ve been given a hint of what it looks like.

Now, predictably Morgan says that no single sketch in the published morass actually reveals the exact look – so there’s no need to squint – but apparently in culmination they demonstrate the key design features of the new model. Whatever it’s called.

Tantalisingly, the sketches include ideas for a fabric roof (can’t imagine any functionality problems cropping up with that) and what appear to be an external storage space. Of course both things were in short supply with the new model’s predecessor – as in, there were none of either – so it’ll be interesting to see if such concepts make it to production reality.

Elsewhere the most obvious theme is a streamlining of the 3-Wheeler’s design while remaining true to Morgan’s familiar influences – i.e. mid-century jet planes, motorcycles, and, most notably, historic Morgan models. Needless to say the new car is not going stray too far from the skinny-front-wheels-chunky-back-tyre configuration.

Morgan’s CEO and Chairman, Steve Morris, noted: “Creating the all-new three-wheeled model has been a ground-up project, throughout which safety, durability, and character have been at the forefront of our focus. It has been an absolute joy seeing the new vehicle take shape, and we cannot wait to present it to the world next year, continuing the legacy of the model.”

The manufacturer has also reiterated that the car will be powered by an internal combustion engine ‘at launch’, and that the three-cylinder naturally-aspirated motor will be supplied by Ford. Morgan also says that is will be the most configurable model it has ever produced, allowing it to ‘cater for every adventure’. Expect to hear more much more about that in the new year.

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