More Classic Racing Photos Recreated with LEGO

We’re all rediscovering the joys of toys in lockdown, and for photographers LEGO provides blank canvass full of opportunities. For photographer Dominic Fraser, that means recreating classic motor racing photos.

“I’ve got a house full of cameras that weren’t doing anything and I found it incredibly frustrating because all I wanted to do was create something,” Fraser told Porsche. “Rather than doing nothing, I decided to use Lego’s Speed Champions models to try to re-create some of my favorite images from motoring history. I started with Audi and the quattro because we had that particular Lego in the house, but then I decided to model a series of Porsche images because the cars and the pictures are so iconic.”

The connection, for Fraser, between Audi racing and Porsche racing was Walter Röhrl when the rally racer was a Porsche ambassador.

“We were doing a shoot at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben and we needed some in-car shots of the 964 race car,” he says. “Walter was more than happy to drive me around, and the memories of the speed and the noise have never left me. Needless to say, I was holding on with great difficulty! The man is a legend.”

And ultimately, this hasn’t just been a diversion. Fraser says that taking these photos has made him a better photographer.

“If anything, it’s helped my photography because I’ve really had to think about the technicalities of the shot, and to visualize exactly what I’m trying to capture,” he says. “It’s been a more conceptual process than I’m used to with actual cars – in real life, you shoot much more in the moment.”

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