MMRT & VW launch track sessions for racing enthusiasts

MMRT is now offering enthusiasts a chance to experience motor racing first hand.

Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) has partnered with Volkswagen Motorsport to offer racing enthusiasts a chance to drive the race-spec Volkswagen Polo as part of an ‘Arrive and Drive’ program.

The fee for a 25 minute session is Rs. 9,000. The price includes cost of the track, car hire, fuel, tyres, mechanics and crew. Drivers can book up to four slots on any given day. The session includes a driving evaluation and safety briefing. It does not include training.

Initially, the program only offers a chance to drive the race-spec Polo. However, the organisers plan to introduce the race-spec Vento in the future. Once the drivers get used to the track and the car, they would be allowed to graduate to the Ventos.

The first session of Arrive and Drive was held on September 6, 2020. The next session is scheduled for September 13 (2 pm – 6 pm).


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