MG ZS EV: Overall charging experience & costs after a 1260 km trip

Total cost per km came to roughly Rs. 2.75.

BHPian rajeshrajan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Solo drive – Bangalore – Dhanushkodi- Bangalore –

  • 20 hours – 1260Km- 5 charge stops.
  • Left Bangalore with 100% SOC at 9pm 27th Jan
  • First stop was at Zeon Charger at A2B Rasipuram.
  • Second stop Zeon charger at Temple City
  • Third stop Dhanushkodi
  • Checked out the beach
  • Fourth stop at Ramanathapuram at Relux charger – 7.2KW charger. A 30KW charger will be installed soon. This charge stop was almost 4 hours long as i needed atleast 150Km to get to Tata charger in Madhurai.
  • Fifth stop Tata charger kaveri tata in Madhurai
  • Sixth stop at Relux charger at Thppur toll. 80KW charger.

A few observations

Zeon charger though 50KW charged only at 30KW as seen below

  • Tata chargers charge at 30KW
  • 80KW Relux charger charged at 49KW
  • Good ride quality of the ZS at 40psi on all wheels.

Here is the trip meter

Total charging cost –

  • First stop Zeon charger – 29.28KWh – ₹860
  • Second stop- 27.31KWh – ₹802
  • Third- Relux 7kw charger – i was not charged anything at the end of the session.
  • Fourth stop Tata charger- 38.36KWh – ₹805
  • Relux charger – 35.3KWh for 999 .
  • Total – ₹ 3466
  • Translates to roughly to ₹2.75/Km

Anyone who wants to know more do ask.

A few more pictures

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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