Mercedes C220d ownership: Service & insurance costs after 3 years

Got a 5-year compact package, with unlimited mileage for a cost of Rs 2.29 lakh.

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Service history and other expenses

Mine is an MY2019 model and the car delivery happened in November 2019. Before the first service, I had opted for a 5-year “Compact” plan for unlimited mileage which is a basic service package compared to the other “Compact Plus” plan. The basic package didn’t include any wear and tear items like brake pads/discs, wipers, etc. The plan cost Rs 2.29L. This scheme with unlimited mileage allows you to get more services done if running more. I guess I was wrong as my usage is less than what I anticipated.

What is covered in Compact Package?

1st service at 7,500 km:

Regular service under the service plan. Based on the invoice, the amount would have been around 35k for this odd year’s service.

Extra work carried out

2nd service at 21,000 km:

Regular service under service plan: Covered under the service plan.

This even-year service would have been around 40k without the service plan.

New brake pads and sensors for front and rear: cost 37k

Wheel alignment & Balancing: 5k

3rd service at 34,000 km:

Regular service: Covered under the service plan. This would have been around 35k

No extra work

If I look back, I’m definitely not going to recover the amount I paid for the service package. I expect the 4th service to be much more expensive as Transmission oil and ATF will also be changed. The service pack covers the same. If anyone is taking a service pack, it should be for 4 years or 5 years as 4th or 5th service can be expensive compared to the previous ones.

Other expenses:

  • Tires: 50k
  • Wheel alignment & Balancing: 2300 * 2 (2 times from Madhus)

Insurance costs

I managed to transfer the NCB from the previous car to this one, so I got a refund of 50% on the OD premium, though the process took a couple of months, it was worth the effort. TP has covered for 3 years as it is the norm now.

2nd-year insurance:

The 2nd year basic OD premium was also covered as per the discount that existed at the time of purchase, so I paid around 24K for Add-ons

  • TP and basic OD: By dealer
  • Add-ons: 24k

3rd-year insurance:

For the 3rd year, OD was already available. I opted for the top but one below package and I took it directly from Tata AIG and not through the dealer and I saved around 10k for the same package. The premium for OD + Add-ons: 44k

4th-year insurance:

Opted for the topmost package directly from the dealer

Premium for OD + TP + Add-ons: 53.5k

50% NCB from the very first year has helped me to keep the overall insurance cost down by 20k/year on average.


The car has been trouble-free for the last three years except for the blip in the first month. There was an ABS sensor issue, not just once but twice in the first month itself There was also a minor issue with the rearview camera. When the camera retrieves back, the motor was making a noticeable sound. Yes, complicated German engineering, the camera remains hidden when not in reverse “R” gear and it pops out when “R” is engaged. The entire camera assembly was also changed. MB India gave an extended warranty for the 4th and 5th years as goodwill for all the trouble I went through with a new car. Sometimes things happen for a better reason, and the sorrow turned into joy in the long run and thus making sure that the car will remain under warranty for 5 years instead of the standard 3 years

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