Meet the world’s most luxurious black cab

Forget Uber – uber-luxurious is where it's at, with the VIP LEV Taxi

By Becky Wells / Thursday, September 2, 2021 / Loading comments

Long gone are the days of opening your controversial-yet-too-cheap-to-ignore taxi hailing app, selecting your private chauffeur (thank god Covid got rid of the drunken germ fest that was the Uber Pool…) and hop aboard your Prius, ready for a vomit-inducing race around the rat runs of inner London. Instead, Clive Sutton is offering the direct antithesis of such an experience, with the Sutton VIP LEV Taxi. And it starts at £104,680 – about the same as a trip south of the river on New Year’s Eve surge pricing.

This isn’t just a gimmick, though; the Sutton VIP, created by Sutton Bespoke, is a full production range, available for actual customer orders. In fact, there are three rear-seat configurations for customers to pick from: a common-or-garden four-seater, a more exclusive three-seat style, or, for a proper private experience away from the prying ears of London’s finest, a two-seater set-up with a fridge and on-board WiFi as standard.

An optional leather-clad divider can be specified that fully splits the front and rear sections – plus a PlayStation or Xbox to go alongside the 20-inch media screen. Well, who said corporate life had to be boring? These are all part of the “extravagant features usually reserved for superyachts and private jets”, all found sitting in the wrong lane of the North Circ’.

Clive Sutton, Founder and CEO, said, “While many of our clients seek power, performance and stand-out style, another portion prefer discreet, unique, customisable luxury. Our Sutton VIP LEVC Taxi enables the most comfortable, spacious and private journey through the city.”

So there we have it. Those rich enough to afford a hackney carriage in the first place will be able to demonstrate their huge wealth even more with leather and pretty gadgets. We’re only jealous we’re stuck with a 4.3 Uber rating, though…

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