MBSJ 2-hour parking fees can now be paid with Touch n Go eWallet – Setel, Smart Selangor, Flexi Parking too – paultan.org

Majlis Bandaraya Subang Jaya (MBSJ) has announced that payment for its two-hour parking lots can now be made via Touch n Go eWallet, in addition to Setel, which was integrated late last year. Originally, one could only pay with Smart Selangor Parking and Flexi Parking apps. The JomParking app is also supported to make it five payment options in total.

The new app additions improve convenience significantly, as Touch n Go eWallet is a widely used e-wallet. Setel is also a popular app among regular Petronas users.

For the uninitiated, the Subang local council enforced the two-hour parking lots in September 2022. The lots are marked with an orange border and have “Zon Parkir 2 Jam” painted on it.

Note that time limit aside, these lots are also more expensive to park in, priced at 50 sen for half an hour instead of 50 sen for a full hour. If you park in a two-hour parking lot but pay the standard fee, you can be fined, so choose the correct payment category. See the demo video below.

As for PJ folks, this two-hour parking system has already started in PJ State and might spread to a commercial area near you soon. The idea is to remove those who hog public parking lots for the whole day (people who work in the area) in busy commercial squares, giving customers and those running errands a higher chance to get parking. What do you think of this initiative?

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