Mazda CX-5 nearly swept out to sea at Johor beach, dragged to safety by cops and local resident's 4×4 –

The Mazda CX-5 is a common sight in shopping mall carparks but have you seen one knee-deep in the sea? Neither have we, but here’s one that was very nearly swept out to sea, shared by the cops from Kuala Sedili, Johor.

Two men and one woman were at the Pantai Temalah beach near Kota Tinggi, Johor in their SUV, when they ventured too far and got stuck. It was high tide and the Mazda’s occupants were too preoccupied, the cops said. Before they knew it, they were at the mercy of the ocean.

They called the cops and Kuala Sedili police chief SM Saidon Hadzri Bin Hj Abu Hassan and two officers rushed to the scene, assisted by two Tg Sedili residents. The local man, Iswandi, pulled the Mazda out of the water with his 4×4. The car’s occupants were safe and no injuries were reported. I bet they won’t be driving to the beach again anytime soon.

In this case, the city dwellers (most probably) clearly went too deep, but you don’t have to go so far down the beach to get stuck. Not in water, but in sand. When going to the beach, be sensible and only drive and park on firm ground, unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

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