Maruti Fronx AMT or Nissan Magnite CVT: Which automatic car to buy

I am not sure of Nissan’s future in India whereas Maruti has solid service and reliability.

BHPian Superleggera recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear Friends,

Am in search of an automatic small car and considering all the factors (price/looks/features/ownership reviews) have zeroed down on the below cars. Requesting your view and expert advice to choose between these two.

Nissan Magnite VX Premium: (~13L OTR In Bangalore)

What I Liked

  • VFM Proposition
  • Have all the modern features
  • Turbo Charged Engine mated with CVT
  • Great Looks in its segment
  • 4 Star GNCAP rating


  • Spoke to existing owners and Nissan service seems to be a problem
  • Not sure of Nissan’s future in India
  • Lot of negative user reviews with rattling issues, niggles and other engineering issues

Maruti Fronx Delta Plus AMT (~11.5 L OTR Bangalore)

What I liked

  • Rides well
  • Relatively new model
  • Maruti Service and Reliability


  • Felt overpriced for what it offers
  • No features for what we pay
  • AMT
  • Questionable Maruti safety and build quality

I am thinking to go with Magnite, and would like your suggestions before I finalize the car.

Other cars considered, but not shortlisted are:

  • Maruti Baleno/Toyota Glanza – Nissan Magnite felt more VFM compared to these two models
  • Hyundai Exter – Polarizing looks, too small in person, cramped interior, high-end model is overpriced for what it offers (No wireless Apple carplay/android auto)
  • Tata Punch – Felt cheap compared to similarly priced cars in its segment.

Here’s what BHPian ByKaizen had to say about the matter:

I agree with the cons about Nissan service, I owned Nissan Sunny from 2015 till 2022, and I tried different service centers (across Chennai and Trichy) and none of them was satisfactory. If I list down what kind of issues they created during each service that will need a separate post but in a single line – they will test your patience and you will feel why we bought Nissan. (But as a product Nissan Sunny was a gem of a car).

You do not like Kiger? (Renault service will be better than Nissan for sure as I hear from my brother who owns Duster for the last 8 years).

Here’s what BHPian robincsamuel had to say about the matter:

I would choose the Nissan Magnite mainly for its 1.0 Turbo Petrol engine and CVT transmission. I had the opportunity to drive my friend’s car, and I absolutely loved it. Although Nissan’s future in India is uncertain, the car itself is really nice.

Have you checked out the Kiger? I haven’t seen it in person, but I think the interiors are better based on the pictures.

Here’s what BHPian raptor_diwan had to say about the matter:

Definitely, you should go for the Nissan Magnite. I have been using the Magnite, but mine is the manual variant. Regarding the service, I’m not sure about your city, but in Chennai, I have a nearby service center and the work seems to be good. I haven’t had any problems so far. As for the car itself, it is indeed a great value for money, as you mentioned in many places.

The riding quality is good, and currently, the best CVT option is available in the Nissan Magnite. I had taken a test drive of the CVT Magnite, and it was fantastic. I should have gone for it, but due to my father insisting on the manual variant, I chose the manual.

In my opinion, the Magnite CVT is perfect. The product itself is good, so don’t worry too much. Just make sure to take the extended warranty for 5 years.

And let’s not forget about the smoothness factor in the comparison between CVT and AMT transmissions.

Here’s what BHPian SoumenD had to say about the matter:

Well if you’re doubtful of Nissan service, why not consider Kiger? Same car with a different skin and Renaut service should be better. Only difference is, Kiger while scoring the same 4* GNCAP was awarded an unstable bodyshell rating.

But compared to Fronx, both would be better safety-wise. At that price point my recommendation for automatic seekers is either Magnite/Kiger or Amaze CVT (if you’re ok with sedans). Amaze is backed by Honda’s reliability.

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