Manhart previews its 450hp take on M240i

New 2 Series flagship not exciting enough? Here's how the MH2 450 will improve on it…

By Matt Bird / Friday, November 5, 2021 / Loading comments

There have been some great BMW M cars of late, even if discussion of them has seldom focused on how they drive. The newest M Performance models, cars like the M440i and M550i, have also impressed, which bodes well for the imminent G42 M240i xDrive. With the 4 Series powertrain in a smaller, lighter body, hopes are high for the car that replaces the much-loved G22 M240i.

However, Manhart is already planning its upgrades for the 2 Series flagship when it arrives. As it did with the M3 and M4, it’s teasing customers with a raft of possible upgrades when cars are on the road, which is expected early in 2022. The new MH2 450 will pick up where the old MH2 400 left off, taking an M Performance model to somewhere near full M capability.

Most obviously this time around that will be through extra power. Through just software alone Manhart is claiming the MH2 will produce 450hp and 479lb ft, a substantial increase from the 374hp/369lb ft made as standard. We’re also told to expect new springs, an exhaust upgrade, “a range of carbon upgrades” and the trademark Manhart touches – most notably the 20-inch wheels and the gold stickers.

For now, Manhart is inviting prospective customers to register their interest ahead of cars arriving. But don’t expect much delay between those first M240is reaching buyers and MH2 450s emerging into the world. We’re still a little way from the next M2, and some people will always want more than the manufacturer. Don’t forget the last black M2 with 450hp and gold bits was pretty special, too – let’s hope for more of the same this time around.

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