Maintaining my BMW 330i GT: 8th oil service & suspension replacement

Due to work commitments, I could not take the car to the workshop. So, requested BMW if they could arrange for a pickup & drop service.

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8th Oil Service and Front Left Strut Replacement

By mid of July, I got an update from the service manager that the suspension had arrived. As the oil service was due soon (iDrive was showing 2700km), I decided to get the suspension changed along with the oil service.

Had a drive to Hyderabad in the first week of August. After this drive, the iDrive showed oil service due in 480km. The iDrive also showed a notification that the remote battery was low.

Called the BMW workshop and fixed an appointment for both oil service and suspension replacement. Due to some other work commitments, I could not take the car to the workshop. So requested them if they could arrange for a pickup and drop. They sent a driver for pick-up and dropped the vehicle back the next day.

Below is the invoice for the strut replacement. The cost of the remote control battery is also included in the invoice.

Below are the invoices for the oil service done under BSI. The individual line items in the invoices do not add up to the total. But I guess this should be something internal between BMW and the dealership.

Haven’t had the chance to drive the vehicle after this. Haven’t even clicked any pictures. This post is just to record the service and the costs. Will post some pictures and updates soon after I am able to take the car on a long drive.

Here’s what BHPian carthick1000 had to say about the matter:

Was alignment not mentioned separately in the invoice? OR not done at all?

PS: Any suspension component replacement needs wheel alignment, IMO. I think BMW also recommends this.

Here’s what BHPian VineetG had to say about the matter:

One of my front struts was leaking oil. BMW replaced both front struts and also the control arm bushes as a precautionary measure under Warranty.

Wheel Alignment was done, but was charged 4000+ GST. I did not mind paying it considering that they effectively put in a new front suspension under warranty.

The parts were available in stock, though they took 3 days to return the car, as the service was also due under BSI.

But surprised that the shocker strut and bushes gave up in under 45000 kms. I am pretty gentle on my car and generally drive on good roads.

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