Mahindra XUV700 AX7 diesel: Test-driven by an XUV300 owner

Surprisingly, my XUV300 has three features that I found missing on the XUV700.

BHPian ashishk29 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got my hands on a demo and test drive today. Here are just some basic thoughts, first observations and stuff.

I went to Shiv Auto wings Bhosari. I was greeted by the staff, handed a pamphlet with 3 QR codes for booking, demo video, and brochure respectively.

I was told to register my details at another desk, and they then arranged for a walkaround and demo. One of the customer reps took my pamphlet/basics sheet and submitted it for the test drive queue.

Had to wait for some time. There’s quite a lot of rush! Just 6 months back when I bought my 300 from this very showroom it was pretty much empty How time flies!

Now on to the car. The one I drove was an AX7 Diesel Manual. No Luxury pack or AWD:

Now on to some smaller tidbits:

  • I was VERY impressed to see proper felt lining in ALL the wheel wells. Greatly helps NVH.
  • The fuel lid, and the area around the fuel nozzle are completely covered! Good attention to detail.
  • Material quality and design on the dashboard are well done. I liked the faux leather and faux wood finishing. It’s well done and does not come off as tacky.

And now on to some misses:

  • Why no auto-dimming ORVM in a car of this cost! All the equipment is so cool and proper modern age, but the mirror is the same old manual dimming unit.
  • No mirror or vanity light on the driver’s side.
  • There are door stop lamps, but they are a bit small. They’re perfectly functional, but I feel they could’ve been bigger.

I’m specifically highlighting these three because my far “inferior” 300 gets these things. At a million less.

A couple of pictures:

This colour is probably gonna be a hit. It looks really pretty in person.

The fuel lid thing I mentioned. Neat plastic cover on the lid, and a rubber gasket around the nozzle. Very well done.

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