Mahindra Scorpio N pros & cons after test driving 4×2 petrol AT variant

As per the MID, the SUV was returning a fuel efficiency of 4.4 km/l, which was a bit worrisome.

BHPian MetalClank recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took a TD of the Scorpio N 4×2 Petrol Automatic for the first time. It was a Deep Forest color.


  • As said by everyone, the steering is butter smooth and driving is child’s play.
  • Suspension feels like floating in the clouds, hats off.
  • The centre hand rest is a life safer, especially for the automatic version.
  • No engine sound.
  • AC was good at both front and back but it was a cloudy day. SA said that there are two compressors. He said that in other cars which have 3rd-row vents, the 3rd-row vents are connected to the 2nd compressor and the middle row vents are usually the last ones to receive cold air. I also did not understand what temperature does the Scorpio N choose for the 2nd row AC (the blower knob just controls the fan speed).
  • Good engine creep without pressing the accelerator.
  • 2nd-row comfort is good and supportive.
  • 360-degree visibility from the driving position is phenomenal


  • The mileage shown on the MID was 4.4 KMPL (yes 4.4) for this Petrol vehicle which was a bit worrisome, not sure if it was due to the vehicle being a TD vehicle.
  • Boot space is non-existent unless one wants to push some small bags under the 3rd-row seat.
  • The vehicle looks massive from the outside, but inside space looks less. I suspect it’s due to the dark interior colors plus a hell lot of padding (thickness) of the door plastic etc.
  • I checked two cars and in both, the front door had to be shut really hard else the car gave a door ajar warning. Not sure if this is good or bad.
  • Another TD vehicle was showing signs of scratches on the interior maroon-colored plastic. Don’t know if this can be reversed with wax polish.
  • The button panel under the touchscreen felt shaky (the same panel that houses buttons like Drive mode etc).
  • 3rd row is OK for someone up to 5’5” but the headrests need to be removed to avoid a hunch position.
  • There is a footrest to the left of the clutch in the manual version. It felt a bit oddly placed, maybe it was just my leg, not sure.
  • Left leg does touch the dashboard but it is manageable.

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