Mahindra Scorpio-N: 15 observations by a Xylo owner

The Z6 diesel MT seems to be the best value. It misses out on the alloys, projector lamps, the sting type fogs and rear camera compared to the Z8.

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Went to checkout the Scorpio today, great sales support and clear explanation provided. Got a chance to test drive the Diesel MT. Since I drive the xylo, comparisons would directly be based on this, kindly bear

Few observations

  • The car is imposing, especially in black. Presence is really good and people offering you way immediately is a proof of the same.
  • The engine has great pickup, clutch and gear play is light. This coming from my Xylo’s heavy clutch, is really a refreshing change. Felt like I was driving the Petrol!! But I felt the xylo engine is a little more free, it felt the scorpio engine was driving with a n95 on. Just an observation but the engine is a gem, though the BS6 is not lively like early ones.
  • Absolutely loved the brakes! But the pedal feel could have been better, just a light tap and the car comes to a stop immediately. Was a little scary at first since xylo neats a good stamping. The four discs make a hell lot of difference. The pedal feel reminded me of the early grand i10 where just breathing on the pedal would stamp the brakes.
  • The TD car had the 17 inch alloys, I got a chance to drive through a really bad patch of road. The ride is good, though I would rate the 700 ride better due to monocoque chassis. You know whats there underneath but doesn’t settle you off.
  • The rear does not look bad to me, though my family felt the front bonnet was long. Again from a xylo which was criticised for its rear as well I find it fine.
  • Adrenox can be used to control the sunroof functions also, the Sony speakers were decent nothing wow. Maybe playing the songs from another app might change my opinion.
  • The hood is really really really heavy, needs a lot of heft to lift it up. Wish struts were provided instead of the traditional stick to hold the bonnet. No need for the gym if you lift this daily.
  • The 3rd row seat is a little tight, anyone over 5’5 will find it difficult to sit. It’s good for short trips or for kids only. This was a disappointment since the Xylo has a really good 3rd row. Lack of 3rd Ac is also a bummer, but the sales rep mentioned the airflow is good that it compensates. Since the weather was already cold, could not verify this.
  • The rear camera works well, though it occupies only a small screen space on the audio system.
  • The start/stop system when active, does not shut off the Ac when stopped in signals. This was a welcome change compared to the earlier versions. AC is a chiller, the dual zone is nice.
  • Horn is the trumpet one by default, suits the vehicle. Sunroof is a small compared to the huge panoramic one in the 700.
  • The Gear lever felt a little far off from the driver side, I found I had to stretch a little to operate the same. The xylo lever is long and easily falls to hand. Seating was really good and the space in the front and center space is great.
  • There were a few niggles here and there. Second row seat belt did not fit the buckle, as in it did not lock the belt and just came off after repeated attempts.
  • Good storage options, but the glovebox was really small for my liking. Is useful only for essentials and nothing more. Accessing the storage space on the doors was a little difficult when the doors are closed. You will have to slide your hand from the front to access the bay, my watch got stuck in between so some gymnastics required to adjust.
  • Bottle holders present on all four doors.

Overall Mahindra scores best in the drive feel and is a huge step over in quality from previous versions. Am looking at the options to upgrade, the Z6 diesel MT looks best value. It misses out on the alloys, projector lamps, the sting type fogs and rear camera compared to Z8.

All these can be fitted at an extra cost at the dealer level and many of the features like Adrenox, sunroof are the same as Z8 version. Now convincing my excitement to the cabinet meeting is a challenge.

Rep confirmed that the bookings would start from July end and car could be provided on first lot basis from October onwards. Am confused whether to go with the first lot since its Mahindra or wait for improvements to happen as it always does.

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