Mahindra Scorpio brake stuck after low usage in Covid

Everything was fine for around three months up to the present day. Alas, the problem has returned.

scorpio2107 recently shared this with other BHPians.

Our 2013 Mahindra Scorpio VLX has been having a few issues relating to the rear driver’s side drum brakes or the handbrake.

The Issue

The car wasn’t being driven much during the lockdown other than being started and moved a few meters backwards and forwards. We did not face any issues during this time. When we took it out for a drive, the rear driver’s side drum brake totally locked up and the wheel would not move. If we reversed a meter, it would move forward a meter. The service guy from Mahindra was called and he cleaned the inside of the drum and that was it. It worked fine for a few days and then the same problem again. We then took the car for its 90,000 km service where we specified the problem. They gave us the car back saying the problem was fixed till it showed up again after a few days. A few more calls and visits later the RSA guy determined that the handbrake cable had got stuck and it would need to be replaced but the part would need to be ordered and it would take a few days. The call had come and we tried to drive the car. It was okay for the first ten meters but refused to move after that. I remembered a tip the RSA guy told us and out came the hammer. A couple of hits on the drum took us around 20m. I kept giving the drum a few hits for almost 200m. After a lot of noise and screeching from the tires, something came loose and the car was fine till the service station. Around 2 hours later, the cable was replaced.

Everything was fine for around three months up to the present day. Alas, the problem has returned. The same wheel is starting to lock up again and I am planning to take the car to a different showroom. I am planning to show the problem as soon as possible before the car requires the hammer again.

I apologize for the lengthy prologue, but I thought it would be necessary.

I would request all members to please give their valuable opinions on what the problem could be before I leave for the showroom so that I do not get ripped off or they do not misdiagnose the problem. Could the drum need to replaced? Is this something related to the ABS system? Or is it the handbrake cable again?

PS: The car is driven at least two times every week and is parked in gear without using the handbrake.

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