Lotus extends Certificate of Provenance programme

A bit late for Boxing Day maybe, but how about a £200 limited-edition Lotus paperwork box?

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, January 4, 2022 / Loading comments

For so many car manufacturers, the launch of a new model follows a similar pattern. Specifically, the special editions follow after the initial release; maintaining interest and demand is preferable to the launch hype dying off after a few months. The same is true for the latest Lotus product, but it isn’t a car. Instead, its Certificate of Provenance programme has had a refresh for 2022 (having first been launched in August 2020), with new colours and options offered like any good model year update worth its salt.

Lotus customers after a CoP for their car will now be offered a new Black and Gold pack. It’s essentially the same offering as before – the certificate itself (on premium paper, no less), with build and spec details from the archive, a plaque, plus collectables like a bookmark and keyring – but in the most iconic of Lotus colour schemes. With just 300 to be made available (and 1,500 Certificates issued already), don’t expect the Black and Golds to be around long; they cost £199, compared to £170 for the standard Certificate of Provenance.

However, Lotus knows as well as any other that a range refresh can’t just focus on the pricier limited editions at the top of the line up. Therefore, with production of the Evora, Elise and Exige having now finished, model specific Certificates of Provenance have been launched. For a tenner more than standard (and with no cap on numbers), the new packs offer broadly the same stuff as any other, including a letter from MD Matt Windle, but with content “linked to the specific model rather than the Lotus brand more broadly.”

The authenticity packs have proven popular both as gifts for Lotus drivers – we’ll bet there were a few under PH trees this Christmas – as well as treats for owners, from owners. Director of aftersales Chris Hinks said: “We’ve been delighted with the success of the Certificate of Provenance programme. Owners worldwide have recognised that the presentation pack adds a stamp of authenticity from Hethel to their vehicle, as well as being a beautiful item that enhances their ownership experience. By launching four new versions – three which are model-specific and the limited edition Black and Gold pack – we’re enhancing that even further.” And the best bit? Unlike almost every other automotive update ever, the price has remained the same – a Certificate of Provenance still costs £170. This year promises to be a big one for Lotus; maybe it can be a significant one for your Lotus, too.

  • Lotus launches Certificate of Provenance programme
  • Elise, Exige and Evora production ends after 26 years

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