Look Away Now – This Volvo XC60 Pick-Up Is A Six-Wheeled Monstrosity

We’re not entirely sure what would possess someone to do it, but Swedish company Dalbo Fordonsteknik can turn your Volvo SUV into a long pick-up truck with an extra pair of wheels. This video taken at the Stockholm Cruising event shows the result of the transformation on a Volvo XC60… and we’re not entirely sure about it.

Many people buy large SUVs for their commanding road-presence, but there’s no denying this XC60 has gotten even more imposing in its transformation into a six-wheeled pick-up. It’s got a pretty big bed at the back, with louvres added to the rear window, an aggressive bull-bar up front and an LED light bar fitted to the top.

Image from http://www.dalbofordonsteknik.se/

Turning Volvos into pick-up trucks appears to be Dalbo Fordonsteknik’s speciality. The company’s website features images of many of its creations, including utes based on the Volvo XC70 and S80 cars, which we’ll admit actually look kind of cool. There’s also another six-wheeled pickup – this time based on the chunkier XC90, complete with chrome spinners and interesting graphics.

The company even appears to dabble in campervan conversions, with one XC90 kitted out with a demountable truck camper attached to the bed.

Image from http://www.dalbofordonsteknik.se/

Its site also features older, more utilitarian-looking flat-bed versions of a ‘90s Volvo 850 estate, so it looks like they’ve been doing this for quite some time. Why you wouldn’t just go for a pick-up built from factory, we’re not sure, but we suppose they can’t be beaten for uniqueness.

Image from http://www.dalbofordonsteknik.se/
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