Lando Norris commissions McLaren 765LT Spider

MSO-built 'Lando Norris 1 of 1' gets all the carbon, a bit of branding – and Lando Yellow calipers

By Matt Bird / Monday, 15 May 2023 / Loading comments

We’ve seen it all from McLaren Special Operations over the years, from the Mercedes SLR how it always should have been to a 675LT made even more extreme. If you can think it, MSO can make it, basically – up to and including the X-1 (which still doesn’t make much sense more than a decade later). Compared to which a Gloss Blue Tint Visual Carbon Fibre 765LT Spider might almost seem ordinary, but then this is Lando Norris’s 765LT Spider…

Yep, after four seasons with McLaren on the track, now he gets the bespoke road car build. We don’t know which of the 765 this one is, but it gets a cool plaque: ‘Exclusively Commissioned for Lando Norris by MSO’ does look quite good. As does the car, it should be said, that dark blue tinted carbon contrasted with logos of four yellow stripes throughout – on the sills, the key, the rear spoiler, the steering wheel and above the headlight. The design references Lando’s racing number in a rather more stylish fashion that slapping giant ‘4’s all over it.

The blue and yellow theme continues inside, with Navy Blue seats stitched in Napier, Navy Blue Alcantara, a blue tint carbon fade for the steering wheels and even blue anodised pedals. A bit of LN4 branding has made it through also, visible on the driver’s seat and the MSO Custom Floor Mats. Best not to think about how much they might cost. Given the limitless possibilities when it comes to MSO commissioning, you’d probably call this a job well done.

Norris said of his car: “I’ve been able to drive a lot of different McLarens, but this is the first car that I’ve designed; this is me in a car. I’m a carbon lover, the more carbon I can have, the better but I didn’t want to have my logo everywhere, I wanted something a bit more subtle and MSO has done a fantastic job to realise my vision. My first custom car has been designed by McLaren and MSO and is even more perfect than I can imagine.” Let’s hope there’s a video of it on the move to follow very soon, too – apparently, he’s quite a good driver. 

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